Chick-fil-A Rewards Program


Chick-fil-A® of Cranberry Food Credit Rewards Program

Chick-fil-A® of Cranberry is offering a rewards program to our organization, so that we can earn food credit. The Pine-Richland Band Boosters (including students, teachers, families, etc.) will collect Chick-fil-A® of Cranberry receipts continuously throughout the year. We will earn 20% of the total (before tax) back for our organization to use in food credit. For example, if we collect $500 worth of receipts, then we would receive $100 to use towards any event in need of Chick-fil-A® of Cranberry catering. The rewards carry over if we do not use the whole earned amount at one time and they never expire. With the number of students in our band, we could easily use this program to fund Senior Night and/or any other band event in the future. So, please start collecting!

How it Works:

  1. Begin saving receipts from Chick-fil-A® in Cranberry Township.
  2. Place all receipts in the Chick-fil-A® collection envelope on the PRBB bulletin board. Receipts will be collected periodically and accumulated.

The key to success is for everyone to save and turn in receipts. Hopefully, the band can enjoy big Rewards at Chick-fil-A® of Cranberry in no time!