Marching Band

Band Camp 2017-2018 has been scheduled!  

Attendance is MANDATORY, so please plan accordingly for next August!Band Camp 2017 starts on Monday, August 7, 2017.

Marching Resources 2016

Items you will need for camp:
  • Instrument with all necessary accessories (reeds, oil, etc)
  • Music in a flip folder (flip folders can be purchased at most local music stores.  Make sure you have at least 10 plastic windows)
  • Lyre to hold your flip folder (can be purchased at any local music store)
  • Drill sheets (scroll down for files) 
  • Pencil
  • Tennis Shoes for marching (flip flops and sandals are only permitted during breaks and while inside)
  • Water bottle
  • Dinner (pack your own or if you plan to order from a restaurant please make your delivery time 4pm — Dinner will be from 4-5pm)

**Late July — Items you will find attached at the end of this page

  • DRILL SHEETS **Print and bring to camp**      (PDF files) 
  • 2016 demo recordings 
  • Kennywood form (permit to ride home w/ parent)
  • Letterman Jacket forms
Drill Files are attached for you to watch and study.  Each member will have a number that is assigned to a letter.  The position of the letter on the page corresponds to a position on the field.  Each square equals 1 step.
Letter Assignment:                                                       PR Marching Terms
  • D  Dance team                                                     MT   =  Mark Time
  • G  Colorguard                                                       FM  =  Forward March 
  • F  Flute                                                                FTS   =  Float to Spot
  • C  Clarinet                                                            FTL  =  Follow the Leader
  • A  Alto Sax                                                          PNB  =  Park n Bark
  • t  Tenor Sax                                                         TTR  =  To The Rear
  • H  French horn
  • T  Trumpet
  • S  Trombone
  • E  Baritone
  • U  Tuba
  • b  Bells
  • s  Snare drum
  • Q  Quints
  • c  Cymbals
  • B  Bass drum
2016 Band Chip Numbers
A Band   B Band
Numbers Section Numbers
66-80 Flutes 262-275
51-65 Clarinets 247-261
34-50 Altos 231-246
26-33 Tenors 224-230
1-14 Trumpets 200-214
15-20 French horns
21-25 Baritones
Trombones 215-223
Bells 276-279
C  Band Numbers
Tubas 100-111
Percussion 112-139
Dance team 150-159
Color guard 160-181