Charms Office Assistant

What is Charms?

CharmsLogoPR Marching Band Utilizes a site called “Charms” to Manage Registration & Communication.

  • All Band information is emailed to families via Charms
  • Texts for arrival to the school following away games and other events is communicated via Charms
  • Registration in preparation for the upcoming Marching Band Season is handled through Charms

We rely on parents to ensure contact information is correct.

Every year in May as we begin preparations for the upcoming Marching Band Season, parents will be asked to log into Charms to update/add student and parent information and complete the band registration steps.

Throughout the year, families can log in for the following:

  • Update contact information
  • Check to see if a form was received
    • Log Into Charms
    • Click on Forms Collected Icon on the Dashboard
  • Check to see if payment was received for purchases made in the online store
    • Log Into Charms
    • Click on the Online Store (from the Top Menu or the Dashboard)
    • Click on Purchase History

For further details, see the PRBB Registration Process Guide 2018-2019 provided as part of band registration.

Go to Charms Log In.